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​Welcome to Scancrown

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Safety Onshore

​Safety first

​Safety for our personnel is a top priority for Scancrown. Therefore we strive to update our people with the latest information regarding their safety on the job. Most of our efforts are focused on prevention of dangerous situations and work accidents. We have set up clear procedures for our typical projects, but we are always in the process of updating them and address specific problems.

Our Onshore Coordinator insures that all the personnel has been debriefed before starting working through the following aspects:

  • Each employee receives personal training regarding the general set of safety rules and code of conduct in Scancrown
  • At the beginning of a project, all the tasks are being organized and everyone knows exactly what they have to do and when
  • All the employees receive an Introduction Safety Course which allows them to recognize dangerous situations and teaches them how to react in the case of an accident
  • First-aid kits are always available on-site and contain equipment which can be of help in case of hazard

In the eventually of an accident a report is made where the following aspects are covered:

  • causes of the accident
  • method and time of reaction
  • prevention measures and minimization of risk factors


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