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​Welcome to Scancrown

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Offshore personnel for your wind projects

Our typical projects range from supervision for wind turbine installation, to rock dumping. When receiving a project quotation we take as starting point our personnel database and we continue by working with our customers to select individual experts, or gather an optimal team that can meet their demands. Our personnel is delivered on-site within the shortest time possible insuring full satisfaction to our customers. At the same time we ensure that the assignment is carried out according to the specifications of the customer or the sub-contractor and in accordance with the international procedures, standards, and norms.​

​Our offshore projects have been undertaken for major players in the offshore industry from Germany and Great Britain. Besides the high level of experience and training, our personnel have all the required certificates and documents (e.g. OBST, HUET, GWO Work at Heights, Health certificate for seafarers etc.). In addition, as we prioritize education, we continuously invest in training and courses in order to keep our people updated with the latest demands in the industry.

For the Offshore Wind Power Industry we can deliver the following categories of personnel:

  • Lifting supervisors
  • Client representatives
  • MWS
  • Crane operators
  • Site managers
  • Offshore construction managers
  • Offshore installation managers
  • Skilled professionals (Mechanics, Hydraulics, Electricians and Welders)
  • Inspectors
  • Superintendents

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