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​Welcome to Scancrown

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Safety offshore

​Offshore safety is our highest priority

​For Scancrown safety and a good working environment have a very high priority, alongside with compliance to local and international laws and regulations for the environment, work environment, and safety. It is our aim to provide a healthy working environment for our personnel. The working environment must at all times comply with local legislation in the country in question.Scancrown´s management is actively involved in, and responsible for, formulating the written policies and procedures for health, safety and social welfare, thus ensuring that these are being respected.

​The safety and working conditions of our personnel are secured through our cooperation with the Working Environment Service, the safety stewards, and the environmental representatives who regularly check and assess our:

  • Safety procedures and safety courses
  • Working environment
  • Information material
  • Control and testing of safety knowledge of our personnel

Scancrown always ensures that our personnel uses the optimal PPE (personal protection equipment) and have control over it. Equipment which does not have this individual control, or control by the customer or the authorities, will be discarded or prohibited until an approved modification/repair has taken place. In addition, our personnel always have the necessary certificates for the assignment in hand.

Scancrown personnel who consciously or unconsciously don´t comply with the current safety regulations are removed from the site. The internal consequences are taken by the Scancrown management together with the customer and the authorities. External consequences are decided by the authorities, the customer etc. Furthermore, Scancrown will support this process with advice and guidance.


​Head Office Scancrown | Viengevej 3 C | 8240 Risskov | Denmark | Telephone: +45 70 22 44 56 | FAX: +45 70 22 44 57 | E-mail: contact@scancrown.com