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​Welcome to Scancrown

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Quality Offshore

Our commitment to quality

Alongside to safety, quality has a crucial importance for Scancrown and can be seen from different perspectives. On one hand we are committed to taking responsibility for the quality related aspects of the services we are providing and therefore always strive to deliver the best. On the other hand, quality is closely linked to well-trained and experienced personnel, the right skills for the assignment in hand, the ability to document and evaluate the assignments carried out, and not least the ability to maintain good communication and dialogue with the customer before, during, and after carrying out the assignment.​

​Our commitment to quality means that

  • Quality sits at the basis of our decisions and actions
  • We deliver the right people to the right projects
  • We take responsibility for the quality levels and standards that are being met by the delivered services

Furthermore, we insure the highest quality standards through

  • Review and improvement of our internal procedures and policies
  • Analysis on performed work with focus on increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Continuous education and professional improvement of our personnel
  • Best practices identification and implementation

Our people

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​Head Office Scancrown | Viengevej 3 C | 8240 Risskov | Denmark | Telephone: +45 70 22 44 56 | FAX: +45 70 22 44 57 | E-mail: contact@scancrown.com