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HBC Archiever​


HBC Archiever – EnBWBaltic 2 Project – Baltic Sea

In October 2014, our offshore consultant and MWS, Bjarne Mikkelsen, was part of a suitability survey for the HBC Archiever, a diving support vessel. The diving vessel had to be used in a newly-established wind farm on the Dutch coast. All the jackets have to be checked post-installation in order to see if changes in the seabed occurred. Bjarne had the role to check the suitability of the vessel to perform these operations. As a result the hydraulic systems and the anchor windlass were checked thoroughly by our experience consultant in order to determine whether the vessel could maintain its exact position during the inspection operations. Fortunately the vessel is newly built, has a strong engine and was declared suitable for the job.

(Picture: MarineTraffic.com)​


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