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​Welcome to Scancrown

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​Your trusted hr partner

Scancrown aims to become a trusted HR Partner for offshore and onshore professionals through:

  • High levels of customer satisfaction and trust achieved by a high rate of success in the completed assignments, where regular communication and evaluation of the customer’s expectations and specifications minimizes the risk of errors and faults
  • Responsible financial control and insurance that all financial goals are met
  • Quality control through certification, documentation, education and training, in-service training, equipment testing etc., carry out safely and efficiently in compliance with the relevant standards and norms
  • Improvement of our personnel through education and training and motivation through coaching and teambuilding; show respect and consideration for local values, political attitudes, and working ethics
  • Insure a good work environment with focus on the safety of our personnel as well as their well-being both on and off the job through permanent dialogue


​Head Office Scancrown | Viengevej 3 C | 8240 Risskov | Denmark | Telephone: +45 70 22 44 56 | FAX: +45 70 22 44 57 | E-mail: contact@scancrown.com