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​Welcome to Scancrown

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About us

​About scancrown

Scancrown supplies both manpower and consultancy services that ensure the start and completion of assignments in the offshore industry and the maritime sector. Our main competences are in offshore industries and inspection and commissioning (I & C) of drilling equipment, as well as marine warranty survey.

We also offer service, maintenance, certification, and upgrading of oil rigs as well as more specialized assignments such as consultancy, assistance for existing I&C teams, fault-finding, and modification and upgrading assignments.

We always aim to carry out assignments swiftly and with safety as a priority – and at the first attempt. That’s why we are among the very few in the mobile container branch. We don’t have to wait for basic tools on-site.

Scancrown has a force of over 30 experts who between them have over a million hours experience from the offshore industry and the maritime sector. You are always welcome to contact us and get some examples of experienced profiles from our database.​


​Head Office Scancrown | Viengevej 3 C | 8240 Risskov | Denmark | Telephone: +45 70 22 44 56 | FAX: +45 70 22 44 57 | E-mail: contact@scancrown.com